Sustaining Services

Preserving and Building on Facility Improvements

Many customers engage MAVERICK Technologies® to assist with project development and implementation because personnel at their facilities understand the need for resources beyond those available internally. And because so many companies continually operate with limited staffing, undertaking anything beyond the most basic day-to-day activities can overwhelm their internal capabilities. Many of these companies often find themselves struggling to maintain the gains made by the improvements even after the project is done.

Once a project is considered complete, MAVERICK technicians will stay engaged with your facility on a reduced basis. Working with your team to sustain operational improvements can alleviate the “fighting fires” mindset so common with limited operations and maintenance staffing. Having additional expert help on hand provides the extra production needed without breaking the personnel budget.

MAVERICK can provide assistance remotely through our PlantFloor24® global operations center, or at your location on a regularly scheduled basis through Site Services. These services are available individually or in combination to provide a high level of production know-how when and where it will have the greatest impact.

Case Studies

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