Jim Huff

Regional Vice President, Global Process Sales

Jim Huff

Global Sales and Marketing

Jim Huff works out of our Houston, Texas office and joined MAVERICK Technologies® in October 2014. Since joining MAVERICK, Jim has designed and launched a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that has been the foundation of our growth plan. His depth of industry knowledge has assisted MAVERICK in positioning the company to achieve great success.

In his previous employment, Jim has worked in various leadership roles within the technology industry. He held the position of vice president of technology and development at both Cimation and PAS. Prior to that, he held several positions with increasing responsibility at Invensys. He started at Invensys as the director of global specialty chemical and pharmaceuticals marketing, and then quickly moved into the role of vice president of portfolio and product marketing. He also worked for Aspen Technology as a manager of life sciences consulting practice, manager of batch solutions product marketing and director of MES product management. Prior to Aspen, he worked for PROCONEX.

Jim is a man of character, and served his country in the USMC in the role of precision measurement equipment specialist.

In March of 2017, Jim took on the role of Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Rockwell Automation Solutions and Systems Business. He is responsible for all process solutions sales as well as global sales and marketing project pursuit resources.

As we work with our customers to help them solve their process automation challenges and realize their business goals, we are mindful of the needs of our valued employees and partners. That balance gives us the edge we need to be sustainable and to continue to add value to our customers and help them run better every day. MAVERICK is that rare company that balances the needs of its customers and its employees to make an impact in the automation profession. We focus on aligning the capabilities of modern technology while delivering real benefits to our customers.